Caroline's Cooking

Cucidati (Italian fig cookies)

These Italian cookies are a little like a fig Newton, but so much better! The filling is moist, flavorful and all wrapped in a buttery cookie dough. Perfect to add to any cookie plate.

Let’s get started!

Gather and mix the ingredients 


Mix up the dough ingredients then let the dough chill. Meanwhile, blend together the filling ingredients to a smooth paste.

Roll out dough then top with log of filling


Roll the dough into a long rectangle. Try to make the filing an even thickness and the same length as the outer dough.

Roll it up then slice


Seal the two edges around the filling and place the join to the bottom.  Then cut the log into wide slilces.



Bake until they are just starting to go brown at the edge. Leave to cool completely.

Add icing and sprinkles


Top each cookie with a simple lemon frosting and drizzle on some colored sprinkles (nonpareils).

Perfect to enjoy during the festive season (or whenever you want to make an excuse!)